Blocks gabbro, тм “Galant Nero Dobryn”

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Ltd. “Dobryn” is engaged in production and sale of blocks of gabbro with your own career and supplies raw materials and granite products in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.
Products of our quarry known as “Buka Gabbro» (Bukinskoe (GB). The international name (Trade name) – Galant. Bukkinskogo Gabbro deposits. The trademark of our stone: “Galant Nero Dobryn”.

Physical and mechanical properties of Nicholas Gabbro deposits.
Bulk density: 2900-3100 KG / m3
Water absorption: 0,05-0,11%
Compressive strength: 268-306 MPa
Abrasion: 0,52-0,61 g / cm2
Mineral composition (%)
Pyroxene: 15-30
Plagioclase: 65-75
Olivine: 5-8
Biotite: 2

Buka Gabbro deposit is considered to be the standard among black granite produced in Ukraine. Due to the homogeneous structure and rich black, gabbro Buka tm “Galant Nero Dobrynya” – the perfect stone for the manufacture of tombstones and monuments.

Products has a characteristic black color, high decorative properties, is characterized by very good people qualities (clarity portrait portrait white), low abrasion, high resistance to compression and frost.
All products are certified and meet the first class of the radiation safety standards, so you can use it without any restrictions.

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